Diego Calaon (Stanford University/ University of Venice)


Diego Calaon is a post-classical archeologist. He is the site director of archeological project in Torcello (Venice, Ca’ Foscari University – Stanford University). In the last ten years, he has  worked as site director in several archeological projects in the Venice Lagoon Area (San Giacomo in Palduo, San Lorenzo d’Ammiana, Torcello) and in the upper Adriatic (Comacchio). He has also been actively involved in the Venetian colonial project in Dalmatia (“Stari Bar Project” in Montenegro and “The Heritage of Serenissima” in Croatia).

He was awarded the prestigious Marie Curie International Outgoing Fellowship by the European Community in 2014, for his three-year project “Voices of Venice” to pursue his research in the anthro-ecological reappraisal of the Origin of Venice. Stanford University will host him for this investigation. He is also an associate researcher on the “Mauritian Archeological and Cultural Heritage project” in the Indian Ocean (M.A.C.H). Through this project, he has expanded his global and colonial expertise with reference to the reconstruction of the past, going beyond the classic chronological boundaries set by Italian and European training systems. Methodologically, his archeological research has focused primarily on landscape and seascape transformations during the Early Middle Ages in the Adriatic region. Using GIS and a holistic approach to data management, he has worked on the impacts of both short and long term ecological changes, focusing on maritime and coastal activities.