Mediterranean Kitchen Basics and Italian Wines Topics

Mediterranean Kitchen Basics: theory and techniques
Italian Wines Topics: history, grape varieties, production techniques, terroir, tasting and food matching

Emanuela-PankeInstructor: Executive Chef Gambero Rosso Culinary School Catania

Summer School

University of Pisa/ Gambero Rosso Catania 2015

Main Goals:

The culinary course is designed for highly motivated young people, even those with anon-existent experience in the kitchen, enabling them to acquire all of the basics and to learn the secrets of Mediterranean cuisine. The course follows a structured teaching method in theoretical and practical lessons. The method is innovative because it allows students to learn and assimilate all the concepts and techniques refined through full implementation, from the outset, of a large number of recipes, selected on the basis of product categories and processes that require increasing complexity.

The wine tasting course will set down the basics of the Italian and Mediterranean wine tradition, starting with some notions of history and agronomy, moving on to provide knowledge of the differences in production and the appellation of the regions of northern, central and southern Italy accompanied by tastings; of course, the training includes a focus on Sicilian wines and wine and food  matching.


Mediterranean fruits and vegetables, introduction to cutting and vegetarian menu, traditional Sicilian cooking style.
Master class in pasta (fresh pasta, dried pasta, filled pasta).
Visit to the fish market with a chef and a class on blue fish (tuna, mackerel, anchovies).
Traditional Sicilian pastry:  cassata, cannoli, almond cakes.
Lesson on bread and pizza wheats, flours, yeast, doughs.
Fried meals: oil technique and breading.

Overview and key concepts:

  • Wine tasting
  • Italian wine production: history, grape varieties, rules, quality labels
  • Introduction to wine tasting: rules and technical tools
  • Italian wines: Northern Regions
  • Italian wines: Central Regions
  • Italian wines: Southern Regions
  • Sicilian wine production: terroir autochthonous grape varieties
  • Sicilian red wines
  • Sicilian white and sparkling wines
  • Natural and fortified sweet wines
  • How to match wines with food